MySmartMirror Smart Mirror Sales
A Smart Mirror just for you
A Smart Mirror provides a convenient way for you to display handy information in a piece of furniture that can blend in with your decor. 

Our Smart Mirror can be tailored to display only information
relevant to yourself. 

Our Smart Mirror display lets you opt to display any or all of the following information. 

  • Date & Time
  • Local Weather
  • Google Calendar
  • Road Traffic information
  • Train Travel Informatio
  • London Underground Tube Status
  • News Headlines (CNN, BBC, Google)

We have a number of Smart Mirror frame styles to suit your chosen
room, decor and mood.

Our Class leading Android Smart Mirror software delivers the ultimate experience with time of day configuration allowing granular control over what information is shown throughout the day. 

See the Smart Mirror in Action
Watch our Smart Mirror Demonstration
In this video you see the Smart Mirror in action on the wall , it will display calendar, news , tube and train information as well as the time, date and weather. This video is also available on our YouTube Channel.

Please also see Our Amazon Alexa Smart Mirror demonstration
available on the demo page and our YouTube Channel.
  1. Hallway Smart Mirror
    A hallway SmartMirror is the perfect place to display your tailored information.Be it the latest travel information or your calendar for the day. A Smart Mirror in your hallway is a really Smart idea.
  2. Kitchen Smart Mirror
    The Kitchen is the heart of the home, and with our stylish Smart Mirrors that can match your style you can now have some tech in the kitchen without ruining your decor. A Smart Mirror provides an unintrusive means to display information relevant to you.
  3. Bathroom Mirror
    Our range of bathroom Smart Mirrors cover a custom cabinet door Smart Mirror or a plain Glass mirror to replace an existing item. Keep upto date on the latest headline and weather as you prepare in the bathroom in the morning. Then view your next day calendar in the evening as you brush your teeth ready for bed, .
  4. MySmartMirror
    Our range of SmartMirrors suit all rooms and home decors. Display handy information relevant to you. Please browse our range in Store. .
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