Smart Mirror Setup​

Smart Mirror Software Configuration 

Please perform the following actions to get the Tablet configured for use in the SmartMirror. 

1) Connect tablet to Power Source and Switch ON.

2) Perform on-screen instructions to configure the tablet and join your WIFI network.

If you wish to intergrate with Google Calendar the following needs to be performed. (this is required as amazon does not allow google calendar from their own store. The following process allows you to directly download and install the required calendar software.  If you dont want calendar integration skip to step 5

1) Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

2) Download and install the following software packages by clicking on the links below. 

1) Google Services Framework 

2) Google Play Services  

3) Google Account Manager

4) Google Play Store
​​3) Once downloaded Install these package onto your device in the order 1,2,3,4. To find the downloaded packages launch "Docs" application and view local storage downloads.

4) Inside Docs application install packages 1,2,3,4

5) Launch the Amazon App Store or Google PlayStore. Search for MySmartMirror app, download and install. 
    Create a user account using Email and Password
    Enter the Registration code provided in the box. 
    Follow on the on-screen set-up click SAVE  


Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Control
If you wish to use the optional bluetooth keyboard to control the Smart Mirror then pair the device now before installing the tablet into the frame. This is done through Settings, Wireless and bluetooth.

As new updates of the application come out they will be released on the Google Playstore and Amazon Store. We expect an update to occur around once every quarter so please check back for updates.  The updates can be installed from the store by following the on-screen instructions. 

Smart Mirror Frame - Self Assembly guide

Watch this short video to see how the Smart Mirror is self assembled. 

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