Smart Mirror Setup​

Smart Mirror Configuration Instructions

Please perform the following actions to get the Tablet configured for use in the SmartMirror. 

1)Connect tablet to Power Source and Switch ON.

2)Perform on-screen instructions to configure the tablet and join your WIFI network.

3) Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

4) Download and install the following software packages by clicking on the links below. These are required to install google services which are not installed by default on a Amazon Fire Tablet.

Google Services Framework 

Google Play Services  

Google Account Manager

Google Play Store

5) Once downloaded Install these package onto your device in the order 1,2,3,4. To find the downloaded pacakges launch "Docs" application and view local storage downloads.

6) Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

7) Open the Google PlayStore Application.
     Search for "MySmartMirror" application 

Click to "Install" then click to "Open"
8) Configure the My Smart Mirror application by following on-screen information. (or  see video )
     You will be prompted to enter a licence code which will have been provided in your boxed package.