Smart Mirror Demo
Smart TV Mirror Demo Videos

Alexa Smart Mirror in action

See our videos showing the features and styles of our Smart Mirror products. 

Smart TV Mirror Voice Control Demo

Show the News

Here we ask Alexa to show us the news in the mirror, and then we return to our smart mirror Software 

Watch TV in the mirror

Here we demonstrate Youtube running in the mirror. You can play content from any streaming apps like Netflix, Iplayer, Hulu etc..

Alexa Play Music

Here we ask Alexa to play music for us

Show road traffic

Here we use voice control to check road traffic

Show me the weather

Here we ask Smart TV Mirror to show the weather with voice.

Start Smart Mirror App

Here we our Smart Mirror to show our driveway blink camera

Alexa Show Blink Camera

Here we askj Smart Mirror to show our driveway blink camera

Custom Mirror Information

Our Custom URL feature lets you choose websites to display inside our app on top of our other featured information. This gives you unlimited content choice to suit your needs. Here we give some examples of information that could be display

Sports Results, Stock Prices, Local News, Sports News, unlimited possibiltys !!

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