Frameless Smart TV Mirror.

This smart TV mirror can be configured to display the following information in our app, or you can run any other Android based application.

  • Watch Youtube and other streamed content
  • Time & Date
  • Local Weather
  • Google Calendar
  • News (BBC / CNN or Google)
  • Web-Page Display (show your own content)
  • Apple air-play and Google-cast you phone to the mirror
  • Analog or digital clocks
  • Alexa or Google Voice Control (choose at checkout)
  • English or German Language

Voice Control : Use Alexa/Google voice control the mirror and smart products. 
Bluetooth remote : Easy control of the mirror

Built in Speaker - Listen to Music or Watch video

Mirror Size : W 60cm x H 80cm x D 20mm

Smart Information : 8" Display Screen

Cable : We include a 1M Long black USB power-lead and Mains plug adaptor.

Full Android : Run any android applications available in the store on the mirror. (eg. Youtube)


This unit has no IP rating and so should be placed 60cm from any water source.

This unit is supplied with a heavy duty easy hang system.

Frameless Bathroom Smart Mirror - Extra Large