Silver Framed Smart Mirror.

This smart mirror can be configured to display the following information in our app, or you can run any other Android based application.


  1. Time & Date
  2. Local Weather (5 day forecast)
  3. Web Page Display (Choose your own content)
  4. Google Calendar
  5. News (BBC / CNN or Google)
  6. Road Traffic Information
  7. Next train information
  8. London Tube Status

This product can be hung landscape or portrait.

Alexa Integration allows you to voice control the mirror and compatible smart home devices like Philips Hue, Nest, Hive , Ring and Many more.

Time control allows you to control the time and type of content that is displayed. This allows you to tailor the display to your needs.

Bluetooth remote control allows full access to android. Watch videos, TV content, listen to music , run all your favourite applications.

Colour: Silver with Black Bezel Frame

Frame Size : W 51cm x H 71cm x D 33mm
Glass Size : W 40cm x H 60cm


Smart Information: 8" Display Screen

Cable: We include a 1M Long black USB power-lead and Mains plug adaptor.

Silver Framed Smart Mirror - Large

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