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Smart Mirror Setup

Smart Mirror Set-up

Smart Mirror set-up Process

This video shows the Smart Mirror set-up process.

Power on the Smart Mirror

Attach the product to a power outlet.

The Bluetooth control is already paired with the product.

Switch on the remote and press a key to wake up the remote control. 

Open the lock screen with a swipe up on the padlock. (or say "Alexa show home screen")

Join Wi-Fi Network : Click Settings Icon  , Wireless, WIFI, Select from list and enter your Wi-Fi password.

Register Device : Click Settings, My Account, Register, Follow the on screen prompts

Create Smart Mirror Account : From any device web browser open

Create account and setup your display options and click SAVE.

Download Smart Mirror App : Inside the “AppStore”  search apps for  “My Smart Mirror (Cloud Edition)”
Select to download and open.

Login with the account created in previous step.
Your mirror is now running the Smart Mirror software. 

Say "Alexa Open Smart Mirror" at any time to show the app.


Other Smart Mirror Apps

We also recommend the Mango Mirror and DAKboard app, Find both in AppStore and Playstore

you can install all 3 and play to find which is best suited for you. 

Ours shows all content for free. Mango mirror and DAKboard show basic info for free and offer some premium pay for options that integrate with the likes of Fitbit, Nest, Apple Health, Hive and more

ScreenCast (Screen Mirror)

If you want to screencast your phone to the Mirror we recommend the software "Airscreen" 

Install this app on the mirror from AppStore

Then on your iPhone swipe down for quick menu and choose Screen Mirroring
You will now see your phones screen on the mirror.

To get back to Smart Mirror app , Ask Alexa open Smart Mirror 

Changing app settings

If you want to change a setting in the software , click the top part of the display. This will then show a settings cog icon to allow you to go back to the settings menu. 


Please check or email

Smart Mirror Software set-up

This video shows the Smart Mirror Software set-up.

This gives a detailed explaination of all the options available in the software in detail.

Your device will be set to auto-update so any revisions to the O/S and Smart Mirror application will be installed. But its also worth checking in playstore that updates have been applied. 

Google Calendar : FIRE OS devices and others may require google services in order to the calendar to function. Your Smart Mirror will have these installed already, But if they are required again, or for self-builder using our software the required APK files are below. Install in the order below 1,2,3,4


Smart Mirror Frameless - Hanging Guide

How to hang our Frameless Mirror


Our Frameless Smart Mirror comes with an easy hang system that allows for easy level hanging of our mirror.


This video shows the basics on how to use this system.


Its basically 


2 top clips (plastic)

2 bottom clips (metal)


The mirror then clips onto the wall. Its part hooked and part magnetic. 

Handy Accessories

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